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Raffles Insurance Ltd., through the active participation of its shareholders, endeavors to provide the long-term security of a well-managed insurance company. Since its beginning with 9 shareholders, Raffles has grown to a company that exceeds $260,000,000 in premium. Through the Raffles program, shareholders have indeed taken control of their insurance destiny.


Raffles Insurance, Ltd. was created from the need of businesses to get adequate insurance coverage at affordable rates. The original members of Raffles perceived that the commercial insurance industry was not providing this basic commercial necessity.

In 1983, Karl von Heimburg, through his prior experience in the formation and Presidency of an off-shore insurance company, embarked on the mission of forming an off-shore company. He was joined shortly thereafter by George Rusu, CPCU, an insurance professional, to help create a more customized, affordable alternative geared toward the typical business owner. Through numerous meetings, consisting primarily of members of the Young Presidents Organization, nine companies formed Raffles in 1984.


The mission of Raffles Insurance Ltd. is to provide the highest quality insurance protection for its non-related shareholders. By bonding together to create true sharing of risk, the shareholders can control their insurance costs rather than being subject to the volatility of the general insurance industry. Additional benefits are created through the increased assurance of coverage, the stabilizing of premiums and the improved management of risk through effective loss control.

The company, through continuing education by active participation of its shareholders, provides the long-term security of a well-managed offshore insurance company. To meet this criteria, only those providers of services that can meet the highest standards of excellence shall be associated with Raffles.

From the beginning, the philosophy of Raffles has strongly focused on one thought: Insurance is a Manageable Cost. The mystique and mystery of the insurance industry should be unveiled and the shareholders should not be dictated to by the industry. But conversely, the shareholders should control their insurance destiny.

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