Transforming Businesses Through Safety

Flexibility of Control with Financial Transparency

Raffles was conceived as a response to the frustrating lack of control, unpredictable premium costs, and inconsistent coverage afforded by the traditional commercial insurance industry. In 1983, following years of witnessing the challenges traditional insurance posed for a typical business leader, Karl von Heimburg, a founder and President of a captive insurance company, and George Rusu, CPCU, an insurance professional, developed the framework and located the nine initial companies that would pilot the program. This intrepid group of successful, safety-oriented companies quickly recognized the potential value of captive collaboration and set out to develop a new model – one built upon the concepts of shared risk, safety-focused operations, and long-term financial stability. When it came time to name this ground-breaking venture, the initial shareholders chose to honor Sir Thomas Raffles, a visionary British statesman who pioneered trade between Great Britain and Singapore and exemplified the entrepreneurial vision for the Company’s future. As an insurance company licensed and managed in the Cayman Islands, Raffles enjoys the security of policy issuance by Zurich North America with the flexibility of an independent company. The culture of entrepreneurial vision, practical innovation, and proven results that inspired Raffles’ origins continue to this day, creating more opportunities than ever for businesses to take control of their insurance needs.

A Vision For Transforming Businesses

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A Tradition of Innovation

Since our inception in 1984, Raffles has tirelessly focused on addressing the most significant pain points of the traditional insurance industry. This effort of rethinking the commercial insurance model continues to attract world-class companies seeking to control losses and manage claims.

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Measured Performance

Raffles partners are truly shareholders of an insurance company. This partnership includes transparency to the financial performance of the Company and a voice in its future direction.

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Anchored in Deep Industry Knowledge

In the complex world of insurance, Raffles partners benefit from the leadership, guidance, and insight from Industry leaders including Captive Resources, Zurich, and Gallagher-Bassett.

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Resources to Set Your Course

Raffles was created to give businesses greater control over the safety of their employees and ultimately, their insurance costs. Partners receive tools and resources to help their company operate more safely, manage claims, and leverage their partnership for the benefit of their organization.

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A Culture of Shared Success

As partners, Raffles companies share in the successes and improvement of the group. This spirit of teamwork empowers partners to reach new performance and safety milestones, and enjoy the resulting individual and partner benefits.

Stability, Control, and Safety

Aggressive loss control and claims management are cornerstones of Raffles’ impressive loss ratio performance.

Positive growth through quality recruiting: As a referral-only group captive, we rely on the participation and discernment of our partners to expand our partnership base.

Joining Raffles has been one of the best decisions our company has ever made.

- CEO, Partner For 10 Years

It’s really been great to change the culture of our company. We tell everyone, the first thing when they come in for a job interview or when they’re hired, safety is job #1. I live it and breathe it, and it’s because of Raffles.

- Chairman/CEO, Partner For 23 Years

It’s entrepreneurial in spirit, it’s innovative in practice, and proven results over 30 years. It’s transformed our company, made us better than we ever thought possible.

- Owner, Partner For 18 Years

Raffles has helped us develop a culture of safety from the President down to the janitor, saving us millions in losses and who knows how many lives.

- CEO, Partner For 32 Years

The Raffles community is like a family. When you first join they pair you up with a mentor, and this mentor really takes you under their wing.

- VP of Human Resources, Partner For 6 Years