Financial Stability to Instill Confidence in Our Partners

The Long-Term Security of a Well-Managed Insurance Company

Raffles’ focus on highly-selective membership growth, proactive loss control, and aggressive claims management have resulted in impressive financial outcomes for our members and the Company as a whole. With this strong financial foundation, Raffles is able to focus on further enhancing the experience and benefits to individual members.

Financially, Raffles continues to show positive results with premium for twelve months exceeding $300,000,000 as of 3/31/2021.


Results Driven by Safety

Partners are delivered dividends based on both their own loss performance and the loss performance of the collective group that year. All Raffles partners have a vested interest in developing, maintaining and improving safe operational practices.

Predictable Premium

Rather than being subject to cyclical commercial premium costs with artificially low and high premiums, Raffles partners are able to fund a substantial portion of expected losses and claims while relying on the resources of the larger group and excess reinsurers for catastrophic exposures. This means greater flexibility in coverage with stronger control over premium costs from year to year.

Proven Quality and Success

Raffles was recently awarded an A rating from A.M. Best, the leading rating agency of alternative risk transfer entities. By upholding the highest standards of compliance, reporting, and operating ethics, Raffles continues to earn the trust and confidence of our members across the United States.

Financial Data

Raffles’ financial outlook illustrates the Company’s success in loss control and claims management, with a continued focus on reducing premiums.

Gross Earned Premium

Earned premium has continued to rise, largely due to our members’ efforts in recruiting new, quality partners.

Loss Ratio

Raffles’ continued reduction in loss ratio is a testament to our robust loss management efforts, specifically through our partners proactively implementing safe business practices.

Investment Income

Investment income from each owner’s distinct loss fund and potential profits may be paid as dividends that will accrue to that owner’s bottom line.


By continuing to recruit financially strong, safety-minded partners to the captive, Raffles is able to increase the benefits and stability of the Company for the collective group.


Captive partnership allows participating companies the opportunity to earn investment dollars back on premium costs–an advantage rarely available within the conventional insurance market. Dividends paid on a formula basis that take individual loss experience into account, not on a per share basis.

Joining Raffles has been one of the best decisions our company has ever made.

- CEO, Partner For 10 Years

The Raffles community is like a family. When you first join they pair you up with a mentor, and this mentor really takes you under their wing.

- VP of Human Resources, Partner For 6 Years

It’s entrepreneurial in spirit, it’s innovative in practice, and proven results over 30 years. It’s transformed our company, made us better than we ever thought possible.

- Owner, Partner For 18 Years

It’s ultimately the best business decision I’ve ever made.

- President/CEO, Partner For 3 Years

Raffles has helped us develop a culture of safety from the President down to the janitor, saving us millions in losses and who knows how many lives.

- CEO, Partner For 32 Years