Raffles for CEOs, Presidents, and Founders

Empowering Leadership Through Safety and Control

As a business leader, you are called upon to navigate complex challenges that impact a range of internal and external stakeholders. Not only are you required to reach challenging financial obligations and performance milestones, but you are also expected to lead the culture of your organization from the inside out.

Raffles Insurance was founded by business presidents and owners to gain more control over their insurance coverage, losses, premium expenses, and claims management. That same entrepreneurial spirit drives Raffles to this day, as we continue to develop new ways for business leaders to set the course of their organizations.

Premium As an Investment

In the traditional insurance market, reductions in your company’s yearly claims or enhanced safety performance rarely result in policyholder financial benefits. As a consequence, annual premium is essentially a sunk and fixed cost year after year with little control over the rate or coverage. With Raffles, you have the opportunity to earn back dividends on your premium that reflect your loss performance and the loss performance of the entire group. In fact, over the past seven years Raffles has returned over $238,000,000 in dividends to its members.

Culture is King

Every President, CEO, or Founder understands that organizational culture is an important factor in the performance of their team. But safety culture, while not always recognized and considered by business leaders, helps ensure that employees return home to their families each day. When business leaders join the Raffles community, they are able to benefit from the experience and insight of other successful leaders on how to cultivate a culture of safety, as well as receive direct safety coaching from fellow executives on implementing safer operations.

Network with Proven Business Leaders

As a Raffles member, you are joining over 350 elite companies that are united in their commitment to improving their safety, controlling insurance costs, and growing the Raffles family. Members frequently comment on how this sense of camaraderie has led to new business opportunities and extensive, practical business training.