Raffles for Financial Managers & Directors

Financial Stability and Benefits That Last

As a finance manager or financial officer considering an insurance program for your business, you understand better than most that the financial implications of that program can impact your company for years to come. And as you weigh different options, the cost of premium is only one variable of the equation–you are also looking to understand how that premium cost can change over time, and the ramifications of your claims activity on the financial health of your company.

Raffles Insurance understands the challenges facing a CFO or Finance Director in charge of assessing insurance policies and programs, because the Raffles group captive was created to solve them. For successful companies that measure up, Raffles Insurance can be a valuable component and contributor to financial success, while removing many of the unnecessary financial burdens and variables of traditional insurance.

Long-Term Cost Reliability

The traditional cyclical commercial insurance model leaves businesses responding to the loss volatility of their entire industry. These rates fluctuate from artificially low to artificially high, leaving businesses with no way to project how their insurance costs will change from year to year. Not only do Raffles members enjoy lower premium costs on average, they are able to leverage the historical stability of the world’s leading group captive by making accurate projections of premium costs based on safety performance year after year.

Reduce Losses Through Safety

Raffles members receive guidance and coaching on how to create cultures of safety, including tips and strategies for risk reduction across a range of industries. By implementing safer practices company-wide, from the CEO to the janitor, companies are able to save money by reducing their claims costs each year.


Return on Investment

Because group captives allow true sharing of risk and implement proactive loss control strategies, members have the opportunity to earn a return on the premium dollars invested. In fact, over the past seven years Raffles has returned over $238,000,000 in dividends to members. For the first time, CFOs are able to consider insurance as an investment rather than an expense. It’s one more way Raffles gives business greater control than ever before over their insurance costs.

Unfortunately I saw one of my employees get hurt, it broke my heart and I told myself I never ever want to see that again. And with this group, I’ve been able to take safety to the next level, with all of the resources that Raffles has, that will never happen again in my organization.

- President/CEO, Partner For 3 Years

It’s entrepreneurial in spirit, it’s innovative in practice, and proven results over 30 years. It’s transformed our company, made us better than we ever thought possible.

- Owner, Partner For 18 Years

You really do have control of your destiny. One of the most important variable costs in any company is your workman’s compensation, property casualty, all very highly controllable.

- Chairman/CEO, Partner For 23 Years

The Raffles community is like a family. When you first join they pair you up with a mentor, and this mentor really takes you under their wing.

- VP of Human Resources, Partner For 6 Years

It’s ultimately the best business decision I’ve ever made.

- President/CEO, Partner For 3 Years