Improve Workplace Safety

Strength in Safety

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. As a manager or director of safety, you have an ethical, as well as legal obligation to ensure your employees’ safety, regardless of the intrinsic dangers of your industry. When employees are safe, not only does your business prosper, but more importantly, they go home to their families each night.

Raffles understands the consequences and importance of safety, and creates specialized safety and loss control programs tailored to members’ unique needs. By joining Raffles, you will join other experienced business leaders that are serious about safety, and committed to collaborating on how to keep employees safe in a variety of industries.

Support for Loss Control and Management

As part of the Raffles program, each member receives special handling instructions for claims, and unique coverage forms not available through the standard marketplace, as well as the opportunity to have larger involvement in the claims process.

Share Best Practices

Gain and share valuable insights and proven processes to improve your company’s safety culture, in collaboration with other innovative, driven safety professionals. With members representing a range of industries including construction, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, transportation, and utilities, you are sure to learn effective best practices that work for your business.